A Resident
There are many housing complexes of traditional design and function available to a resident today; however, most of those complexes do not provide the jobs or services required by common everyday lifestyles.

In most cases, the residents of these traditional complexes must depend upon the use of the automobile to reach almost all of their jobs and service facilities. Pyraform™–The Living Village is the most comprehensive multi-use development method available. It effectively integrates a variety of living accommodations with the service and job facilities needed to enhance the residential complex lifestyle. The social and economic advantages available through the use of a multi-use complex such as Pyraform™ are boundless.

Before you commit yourself to the purchase of a new home or move into a typical multi-use complex, contact your city councilperson or planning department. Tell them you would like to move into a multi-use development; ask them where such developments are located or if any are planned.

Advantages to a Pyraform™ Resident:
1. Lower utility costs.
2. Lower insurance costs.
3. Lower transportation costs.
4. No car needed, walk to work, shop, or play.
5. Children can safely walk to school.
6. Terraces provide indoor outdoor living, great variety of floor plans.
7. Soundproof construction.
8. Fire sprinkled construction.
9. Housing benefits that conserve your precious time.
10. Walk to these recreational facilities
     A. golf courses
     B. golf driving range
     C. lake swimming or skating
     D. lake fishing
     E. walking and bike trails
     F. stable and horse trails
     G. amphitheatre shows (watch or participate)
     H. archery and shooting range
     I.  bowling alley
     J.  fun areas
          1. throw a ball
          2. fly a kite
          3. grow a garden
Plus there will be scheduled public usage for all school sport facilities, school learning facilities, and school manual art facilities

How Can I Learn More?:

How can I benefit from the years of creative designs and the multitude of analyses that have been used to create the Pyraform™ modular system?

Our primary reason for developing Pyraform™ Living Villages is to create a living habitat that prevents urban sprawl, reduces our dependence on the automobile, lowers the cost of living, and is not only beautiful but in harmony with nature.

If you would like to know more about living in a licensed Pyraform Village, please purchase the Pyraform 34-page design manual. This manual is $20 plus $3 postage. The purchase of this manual, together with your e-mail address, qualifies you to be placed on our licensed developer list. We will then e-mail you the location of each new Pyraform™ Village and who to contact for detailed information.

What would a Pyraform™ Resident say:
A single person would say:
You can’t believe what Pyraform™ has done for me. I’m a single woman used to living in a conventional apartment. When I discovered this Pyraform™ community, I was not only able to purchase my own home but was able to find a great job right here in this community. I sold my car and now use Pyraform's™ great car rental if I have to leave the community. I have never had so much of my own time to use as I want to use it. Every day chores are no longer resented but have been turned into pleasant excursions.

A parent would say:
My Pyraform™ life style has added years to my life. The emotional stress of traveling through heavy traffic for shopping and bringing the kids to school, etc. has all been eliminated. Because I’m now in a safe walking environment and from my home I see beautiful views of nature, I am calmer, more content and much happier. In addition, not only do I have more time to do creative and spiritual things, but I have much more time to spend with my family.

An elderly person would say:
You can’t imagine what a Pyraform™ lifestyle has done for me. I’m 80 years old and all my relatives live on the East coast. I’m arthritic and need a wheelchair to move around. I am now independent of most help from others. I can shop, go to the doctor or church, and visit my friends, “all in my wheelchair” without ever seeing a car! I feel very safe and secure as our Pyraform™ community has most of the safety features offered by a gated community.

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