The Land Owner:
The Pyraform™ Living Village creates a new and better way for landowners to utilize urban, suburban, and rural properties.

Advantages to the Land Owner:
1. Allows land to be used at its highest economic value.
2. Each project maximizes the use of the land developed.
3. Each project requires that 60 to 80% or more of the project land remain in
    open space.
4. The natural beauty of nature is not only maintained but enhanced.
5. Adds livability to the surrounding areas by supplying new services, jobs, and     recreational facilities.
6. Allows larger landowners to maximize the use and value of a small portion of their     land. This special usage enhances the value of the whole property while
    maintaining its existing agricultural, recreational, or woodland usages.

How to get started:
If you own a site that you feel will satisfy the requirements of a Pyraform™ rural or urban village, we will need the following specific information. This information is necessary to determine if your site, shape, size, topography, available utilities, and location meet our site requirements.

For a Rural Village or Urban Village you will need:
1. Ariel photograph of the site & surrounding area
2. Topographical map showing your property boundaries
3. A vicinity map showing the parcel location & access roads
4. Power source, gas & electric
5. Water source and/or supplier
6. Sewer availability
7. Government jurisdiction, city, county, etc.

NOTE: Ariel topographic maps can be obtained from the U.S. Geological Society in Denver, Colorado. You can contact U.S. Geological Society directly by calling toll-free
1-888-ASK-USGS (1-888-275-8747)
. Or go to their web site:

Based on the information furnished to Pyraform™, we can make an analysis of your site to determine if it can be an acceptable site. To make this determination, there is a $1,000 fee for a rural village and a $500 fee for an urban village. If it is determined that the site meets the criteria required of a licensed site, Pyraform™ will provide you with the information necessary to begin license negotiations.

The Pyraform™ license fees are very reasonable, and the information furnished with our license is worth far more than the license fee. This information will dramatically reduce plan submittal and approval time.

Land Owners must show that they will use a contractor or developer who is capable of constructing a project of this magnitude.

How Can I Learn More?:
1. How can a Land Owner obtain a Pyraform™ license agreement?
2. Do I need a qualified partner?

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