What is a Pyraform™?
When a new product enters the social arena of usability it may take on many forms but
it generally has one fundamental use. Examples of this can be seen in the ladder, the chair, or the car. Although these products are all available in hundreds of very different designs their “use” fundamentally remains the same.

Pyraform™ and its modular multi-use system, like a car or a ladder, will take on many sizes and shapes. However, the fundamental basis for its form will be that of a pyramid and the combination of that form along with its multi-use function becomes the word: Pyraform™.

Pyraform™ is the fundamental form of housing construction that will be used in the 21st Century. These communities will be beautiful, resource efficient, prosperous, and in harmony with the environment.

In the picture to the right we see the known and easily recognized Pyramids on Egypt's Giza Plateau. Although these Pyramids are basically solid and their use is still not fully understood they show the architectural beauty and permanence of the pyramidal shape.

Below the Pyramid and to the right is a cross-section through a typically shaped Pyraform™ module, modules that link together to provide an entire Pyraform™ Living Village. By the utilization of all the interior space generated by the pyramidal shape we create what could be called a "vertical sub-division" combined with a shopping center and an industrial park. In essence we have created a living village that allows its residents to utilize the functions of a living space, a working space, and a commercial shopping and service space all without the use of an automobile.

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