What is The Living Village?
The Living Village is an amalgamation of various configurations created through the use
of Pyraform™ modular structures. These structures form the fundamental basis of a very complex multi-use development system.

This system provides a complete living environment. An environment that provides
the jobs, services, and living accommodations necessary to satisfy the desires of
individuals, businesses, and social groups.

The Pyraform™ modular system provides the physical structure to house the residents
of the Living Village. The living Village provides the complete environment required
by each Village resident - therefore it is The Living Village.

Advantages to The Living Village:
1. A secure gated community.
2. Gives maximum fire, storm, and earthquake protection.
3. Burnable waste is used to provide a central hot water system.
4. Offers centralized heating and air conditioning.
5. Offers a tremendous assortment of living accommodations.
6. Creates an urban community in a park-like environment.
7. Creates beautiful buildings in beautiful surroundings.
8. Provides view terraces 2/3 the size of the adjoining home.
9. Provides residential facilities of all types
10. Car-free malls and mini-malls provide disabled-person access to all Village services.
11. Reduces living costs:
     A. lower insurance rates
     B. makes car ownership and car insurance unnecessary
     C. allows children to walk safely to school
     D. provides jobs, shopping, and medical facilities within walking distance
     E. lower utility costs
     F. lower home maintenance costs
     G. Village organic farms provide fresh fruit and vegetables
12. Walk to these recreational facilities
     A. golf courses
     B. golf driving range
     C. lake swimming or skating
     D. lake fishing
     E. walking and bike trails
     F. stable and horse trails
     G. amphitheatre shows (watch or participate)
     H. archery and shooting range
     I.  bowling alley
     J.  fun areas
          1. throw a ball
          2. fly a kite
          3. grow a garden
Plus there will be scheduled public usage for all school sport facilities, school learning facilities, and school manual art facilities

NOTE: The advantages listed above are for a typical 640-acre rural Pyraform™ Living Village

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