Pyraform™, “The Living Village”, creates a comprehensive community that benefits from the efficiency of a consolidated and practical infrastructure. This infrastructure provides both privacy and security and yet it maintains the benefits of both rural and urban lifestyles.

Pyraform™ is a community of flexibilities whose design is driven by the economic, social, and ecological needs of the government, the developer, and its residents. It does this while maintaining sustainable compatibility with the surrounding environment.

Through the exclusive use of the Pyraform™ modular system of construction, architects and engineers are able to utilize the natural shape and topography of each individual site to create a Living Village of superb beauty and efficiency.

A Pyraform™ system of “The Living Village” inspires responsibility in government and the developer to manifest communities that will serve to raise consumer living standards throughout the world.
  This is a close-up drawing of a Pyraform™ Living Village structure. It shows the terraces of the residential area with its abundance of vegitation and outdoor property for recreational use. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Pyraform™ can be tailored to small sites of 4 to 25 acres as urban villages, approximately 640 to 1000 acres as a rural village, and up to 3200 acre versions for rural areas with multiple villages. This is a 640 acre Village. This Pyraform™ Living Village is designed to fit a 640 acre site. It will have an anticipated population of 12,000 residents. This size is needed to provide necessary businesses with a population base that is large enough to make each business profitable. A keynote of the Pyraform™ system is its flexibility, which includes a variety of living quarters that will meet the desires of most everyone. Pyraform™ has Terrace homes, Patio homes, Lake Cottages, Theme Clusters, Penthouses, Apartments, Mobile homes, and even a trailer park. In this 640 acre Living Village there is also a Hotel, Yard based Businesses, Hazardous-Use Industry, and a Recycling Yard. Click on the image for a larger view.