Pyraform™ can be tailored to small sites of 4 to 25 acres as urban villages, approximately 640 to 1000 acres as a rural village, and up to 3200 acre versions for rural areas with multiple villages. This is a 640 acre Village. This Pyraform™ Living Village is designed to fit a 640 acre site. It will have an anticipated population of 12,000 residents. This size is needed to provide necessary businesses with a population base that is large enough to make each business profitable. A keynote of the Pyraform™ system is its flexibility, which includes a variety of living quarters that will meet the desires of most everyone. Pyraform™ has Terrace homes, Patio homes, Lake Cottages, Theme Clusters, Penthouses, Apartments, Mobile homes, and even a trailer park. In this 640 acre Living Village there is also a Hotel, Yard based Businesses, Hazardous-Use Industry, and a Recycling Yard. Click on the image to return to the Home page.

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