Government, State and Local Authorities:
It is imperative that state and local authorities reduce the amount of unfunded liabilities that automatically occur each time new service or infrastructure is created. This tax burden can become unmanageable! Unless changes are made in generally accepted development procedure, society together with our environment will fail to obtain the benefits available when utilizing the opportunities inherent in the high-tech world.

Pyraform™ –The Living Village, because
of its unique modular and environmentally
sensitive development procedures, can
greatly reduce the need for both
infrastructure and services. Pyraform™
not only maintains the advantages
inherent in city living but does so amid
the beauty and ambience of a natural
rural environment. Benefits derived by
The Living Village lifestyle incorporate
all facets of our day-to-day living

Advantages to Government:
1. Reduces urban sprawl such as the photo above.
2. Greatly reduces water and power consumption.
3. Maximizes the use of developable land.
4. Uses 80% less land than conventional development.
5. Provides more open space than presently required.
6. Significantly reduces traffic congestion.
7. Meets the needs of an expanding population
8. Creates economies and methods whereby urban redevelopment becomes
    economically feasible.
9. Utilizes green waste for compost.
10. Reduces new landfill needs.
11. Effectively recycles collectible materials.
12. Gated security system creates residence safety.
13. Creates police department savings and efficiency.
14. Concrete and steel construction provides safety from fires, storms,
     and earthquakes.
15. Creates advantages to rural development.
16. Will create greater tax revenues.

How Can I Learn More?:
Developmental procedures used to create our present cities and towns have been guided by government procedures for almost 100 years. Developers are accustomed to these procedures and have learned the art of profiting from them. In order to eliminate urban sprawl and reduce infrastructure costs, city planners are now attempting to require higher densities and more multi-use projects. These attempts not only meet with resistance from developers but from residents alike. What can the government do to solve the dilemma of urban sprawl and its infrastructure costs?

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