The Developer:
Urban sprawl, and the transportation network required to accommodate the vast number of people caught up in this type of a lifestyle, has reached the point of diminishing returns. As these urban sprawl areas become larger, they become more unwieldy. Dollars spent to provide the infrastructure necessary to accommodate this type of growth will never be enough. Housing is at a juncture in its development procedures that is as great as was the transition from the horse drawn carriage to the automobile. It is this same automobile that has driven the development procedures of the last 100 years.

The current opportunity is to use technology in the development procedure so that it has within itself the ability to reduce urban sprawl, minimize our automobile dependency, and eliminate our wasteful use of resources.

Pyraform™ optimizes the use of these new technologies! It not only has the ability to create large multi-use developments within urban and suburban areas but can, in rural areas, create self-sustaining Living Villages! By utilizing a comprehensive multi-use development system such as Pyraform™, most all the negative aspects of conventional development slip away, and our living environment becomes more economical, social, sustainable, beautiful, and in harmony with nature.


Pyraform™ can be tailored to sites like this 25 acre version in urban areas, 640 acres as a rural village, and up to 3200 acre versions for rural areas with multiple villages. This is a 25 arce Pyraform™. It demonstartes the amount of multi-use fexibility of the Pyraform™ modular development system. Click on the image for a larger version.

Advantages to the Pyraform™ Developer:
1. Uses a modular construction system.
2. Encloses more space per dollar than any other multi-use system.
3. Optimizes land value.
4. Modular design flexibility will conform to most site size, shape, and grade condition.
5. Creates enormous investment opportunities.
6. Construction-efficient profits from the economics of scale.
7. Dramatically reduces the percentage of job costs required to obtain government     approvals.
8. Substantially reduces time and money spent to create a preliminary design.
9. Modular design substantially reduces site analysis time.
10. Modular design substantially reduces plan and engineering costs.
11. Enable cost and feasibility studies to be made quickly.
12. Enable one or more large independent job producers to provide the economic
     anchors necessary to obtain large project financing.
13. Enable one or more large commercial or service job producers to provide the      economic anchors necessary to obtain smaller project financing.
14. Gives the developer a sense of pride and well-being obtained by providing
     the world with better, more healthful living conditions.
15. Modular design enables developers to meet the needs and design of a very wide      variety of residents which then enhances marketability.

How to get started:
If you own or control a site that you feel will satisfy the requirements of a Pyraform™ rural or urban village, we will need the following specific information. This information is necessary to determine if your site, shape, size, topography, available utilities, and location meet our site requirements.

For a Rural Village or Urban Village you will need:
1. Ariel photograph of the site & surrounding area
2. Topographical map showing your property boundaries
3. A vicinity map showing the parcel location & access roads
4. Power source, gas & electric
5. Water source and/or supplier
6. Sewer availability
7. Government jurisdiction, city, county, etc.

NOTE: Ariel topographic maps can be obtained from the U.S. Geological Society in Denver, Colorado. You can contact U.S. Geological Society directly by calling toll-free
1-888-ASK-USGS (1-888-275-8747)
. Or go to their web site:

Based on the information furnished to Pyraform™, we can make an analysis of your site to determine if it can be an acceptable site. To make this determination, there is a $1,000 fee for a rural village and a $500 fee for an urban village. If it is determined that the site meets the criteria required of a licensed site, Pyraform™ will provide you with the information necessary to begin license negotiations.

The Pyraform™ license fees are very reasonable, and the information furnished with our license is worth far more than the license fee. This information will dramatically reduce plan submittal and approval time.

Developer must submit financial and experience information to assure the licensee that only the best construction and business practices will be used.

How Can I Learn More?:
1. How can a Business Owner obtain a Pyraform™ license agreement?
2. What qualifications do I need?

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