The Business Owner:
The creation of a Pyraform™ Living Village is dependent upon the business community.
Both large and small commercial and industrial businesses are necessary to create the
economic base for a typical Pyraform™ Village. This economic base will vary with the size and location of each village.

For smaller villages that are generally
located within urban or suburban areas,
the economic job anchors will usually be
service or commercial businesses.
However, larger villages of from 500 to
800 acres will generally be located in
completely rural areas or in rural areas
adjacent to existing smaller communities.
These villages require one or more
industrial anchors capable of supplying
from 300 to 500 village jobs. This
job base will in turn attract additional
commercial and industrial enterprises that
create still more jobs. All these jobs will
then create a huge demand for housing
that exists within The Living village.

This projected sequence of events, made
possible by the original job anchors will then provide the developer the economic base needed to obtain financing

This double-module cross section shows the details of terraced residential areas, the commercial and Mall area in the center core of the structure, underground parking and the industrial job base area. Click on the image for a larger version.

The double Module configuration has a conventional type Mall serving the adjacent businesses. Click on the image for a larger version.

Advantages to the Large Business Owner:
1. Provide superior living conditions for employees.
2. Reduce cost of living, thereby increasing discretionary spending.
3. Offer better employer and employee investment opportunities.
4. Attract better employees.

5. Reduce employee turnover.
6. Unique design that lowers both site maintenance
    and utility costs for offices or manufacturing space.
7. Travel and weather problems become a memory.
8. Create the ability to offer flexible working hours.

Advantages to the Small Business Owner:
1. All those things itemized for large business PLUS:
   A. Create a variety of new and unexpected small
   B. Converts village income into village spending.
   C. Recycling becomes a village small business.
   D. Creates the opportunities to integrate home
       and business.
   E. Multi-use village design increases business


This is a diagram showing many small businesses that would operate recycling services for the 640 acre Pyraform™ Living Village. Click on the image for a larger version of this diagram.

How to get started:
If you own a site that you feel will satisfy the requirements of a Pyraform™ rural or urban village, we will need the following specific information. This information is necessary to determine if your site, shape, size, topography, available utilities, and location meet our site requirements.

For a Rural Village or Urban Village you will need:
1. Ariel photograph of the site & surrounding area
2. Topographical map showing your property boundaries
3. A vicinity map showing the parcel location & access roads
4. Power source, gas & electric
5. Water source and/or supplier
6. Sewer availability
7. Government jurisdiction, city, county, etc.

NOTE: Ariel topographic maps can be obtained from the U.S. Geological Society in Denver, Colorado. You can contact U.S. Geological Society directly by calling toll-free
1-888-ASK-USGS (1-888-275-8747)
. Or go to their web site:

Based on the information furnished to Pyraform™, we can make an analysis of your site to determine if it can be an acceptable site. To make this determination, there is a $1,000 fee for a rural village and a $500 fee for an urban village. If it is determined that the site meets the criteria required of a licensed site, Pyraform™ will provide you with the information necessary to begin license negotiations.

The Pyraform™ license fees are very reasonable, and the information furnished with our license is worth far more than the license fee. This information will dramatically reduce plan submittal and approval time.

Business Owners must show that they will use a contractor or developer who is capable of constructing a project of this magnitude.

How Can I Learn More?:
1. How can a Business Owner obtain a Pyraform™ license agreement?
2. What qualifications do I need?

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